Saturday, September 26, 2009

Next Step

This week has brought us 2 opportunities to take the next steps in our mission journey.

On Monday, Dee met with the missionary from Con Mis Manos. They are developing a plan for Dee to travel and do some fund raising. This will allow Michelle and Chuy more time to focus on the ministry.
Dee is going to start by doing presentations in churches where she has friends. The presentation isn't really about fund raising, it is more about her testimony of how God has been leading her to work with missions her entire life. She is looking forward to this opportunity. Another part of her new mission will be to travel to churches that contact Michelle wanting more information. Michelle and Chuy will be visiting as many churches as possible, but there will be times when Dee might be able to stop by and update the church on what is going on. They are still praying and seeking God's guidance on how this will work.
Please pray for Dee, Michelle, and Chuy as they follow God's plan in this. Also, if you know of any churches who would interested in hearing Dee's testimony, let us know.

On Saturday the 3 Fullers got to spend the evening with the Pastor from Gulfport and his sweet family. They are in town this weekend to speak to our church family on Sunday. Saturday evening was a time of fellowship with the team who went to Mississippi this summer, their families, and the pastor's family. During that time, we were able to talk to Pastor Darren about an idea that God gave to both Robert and Dee at about the same time. We are hoping to spend the week after Christmas in Gulfport working at the community center on anything that they need us to do. Robert has that week off of work, and we both felt God telling us to go. Pastor Darren has approved the idea and now we can concentrate on the little details, like raising the gas money, but those are all minor issues.
Please pray as the three of us prepare to spend a week working as a team. And please continue to pray for the work that this great ministry is doing in Gulfport.

Again, thanks for reading and praying.

The Four Fullers
~ ~ ~ ~