Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where will He send us?

So for New Years 2010 we did in fact go to Gulfport, MS. We spent a couple of days there. We laid tile, hung sheetrock and prepped drywall. It was a great time for us to bond as a family. The 3 Fullers had a wonderful opportunity to work together as a team and we really enjoyed it.

For New Years 2011 we couldn't think of a better place to be than Gulfport, so we headed back. This year we had a totally different focus. Robert did a photography "seminar" for the Sandford Family and both he and Dee took pictures of the facility for the website. But our real reason for being there wasn't revealed to us until the end of the trip....Robert and Dee were both reminded of teaching they had heard on Onesiphorus and how he ministered to Paul in his time of need. Our mission was to minister to the Sandfords and "refresh" them. Of course, we came back feeling encouraged and refreshed as well.

Now on to future plans...

Dee and Will are currently planning a trip to the Dominican Republic. We have missionary friends there who are working in deaf ministry.

There are also some other trips that we would like to make, but not concrete plans yet.

God Bless and thanks for reading.

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